Apple Kissa Maid and Butler Café


Welcome! Irasshaimase!


We are a New York City-based maid & butler cafe.


Every year, we service con-goers, guests, and press by hosting and performing events on stage, entertaining customers, among other things. Although our resources are limited in imitating the extraordinary maid and host cafes of Japan, we try our best to make your convention experience a bit brighter!


June 2013


We hope goshujin-sama to ojou-sama have been enjoying our events at Just Sweet Dessert House! We will be a part of RICC this year and could use all the help possible! Help keep us alive so we can continue performing for you and recruiting new members! All donors have a variety of great perks to choose from and we’ll be adding more~


Please visit our donation page here:


Thank you very much!~

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